Turtle Bay Preview Party! TONIGHT!

SUPER excited to be going to the Turtle Bay preview party in Norwich tonight! 💛 Looking forward to meeting some new/old faces and experiencing what the chain has to offer! Already panicking about what to wear though! – I’m such a girl! 😦 I just need room to munch. I just need room to munch!! I will be reviewing some of their yummy food soon Y … Continue reading Turtle Bay Preview Party! TONIGHT!

Cheeky Fajita Pittas

There’s an unexpected heatwave here in the UK this week. Summer is clinching on and I love it! Especially because I have the worlds worst t’shirt lines from walking/kayaking. The way I feel about my body, certainly reflects my mood. Not a stereotype at all?! HA!  I am not going to hide my t’shirt line sadness at all!   I am not a trained nutritionist, … Continue reading Cheeky Fajita Pittas