Tuesday Yumminess 😍

Treating myself tonight! Always like to listen to what my body wants!  Ingredients: Somerset matures cheddar Olives Italian meats 1 x pack of Prawns Chorizo 1 x bottle Cider Butter 4 x Garlic cloves Half red Chilli Fresh bread  Cider and chorizo: Slice the chorizo Fry until it release its oil Add enough cider to cover all chorizo  Reduce until sauce is sticky and sweet … Continue reading Tuesday Yumminess 😍

Cheap easy dinner Tuesday 

Being truthfully honest, I ran out of money between my trips to Scotland and Ireland. Meaning I’ve had to take it steady and use up ingredients in the freezer or grudge. Spending the absolute minimum. Today’s meal: Pizza!!!! Ingredients: prosciutto ham Puffy pastry  Can of chopped tomatoes  Fresh basil  Mozzarella Seasoning Italian herbs  * if you’re too rushed or can’t be bothered obviously cheat and … Continue reading Cheap easy dinner Tuesday