Drink | Why Bourbon is the Perfect Festive Drink

Everyone loves the winter season. Snuggling up on the couch watching a Christmas film, exploring winter markets and baking Christmas cookies. There’s so many things that you can do to feel festive. When it comes to indulging in an alcoholic drink – for those that are over the legal drinking age, a festive tipple is a delightful way to warm you up and celebrate the … Continue reading Drink | Why Bourbon is the Perfect Festive Drink

Collab | Chic & Unique: Carving Out Your Own Style

If you were to take a look inside most people’s wardrobes, you would be surprised to find just how chaotic they often are. It can be hard to land on a set style which you want to adopt for all of your outfits, leaving most to fall into a range of different categories, even if they feel like they want to belong to one. Finding … Continue reading Collab | Chic & Unique: Carving Out Your Own Style

Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review

❤ Sponsored Post The lovely Nikki at Nude Jewellery  sent me over this very lovely necklace, and honestly – I think it’s beautiful! (In my defence, I did warn I don’t tend to do serious pictures!). Delivery & Packaging The packaging, made me feel like it was my birthday (and of course extra special). It definitely put a smile on my face when it arrived. … Continue reading Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review

Collab | The Best Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Image Source: Pexels.com Do you love this time of year, or are you one of those people who is already counting the days until the warm weather is back with us? Whichever one you are, this cold is unlikely to budge anytime soon. So let’s make the most of it! There are plenty of fun home cold weather activities you can do with the family, … Continue reading Collab | The Best Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Daily Favourites | Saturday Nights In

This week, has been the most challenging in a long time… Everything from work, personal life to uni work & family. I’ve definitely felt the pressure. I figured this deserved a night of nothing but munchies, relax & beer- ever felt like that? I type this sat in my onesie (because, obvs??), watching Mission Impossible 5…. I think?Planning my next adventure. I won’t go too … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Saturday Nights In

Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Those of you who have/are saving for a house deposit will know the pain of spending less, countless reviewing of bills etc. to grab every $$$ – It’s exhausting really! I have my little spreadsheet, (that I am sadly very proud of), with charts, breakdowns an all. I use this to determine my ‘spending allowance’, so I can give myself a few treats throughout the … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Bibbidi bobbidi boo…   It’s been all systems go this morning! At one point I had three calls on the go, a postman at the door and a rumbling tummy  – OOFT! 😀 Although I have yet to leave the house today, there is nothing wrong with ridding your complexion of dark sleepy eyes, and wearing a scent that makes you smell amaaaaazing. This week … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Daily Favourites | Aveda Damage Remedy

When I think of autumn, I think of the shorter evenings, colder temperatures and of course the unpredictable weather patterns…   Although I bought this to survive the warmer summer months, I’m definitely going to be keeping up use during the colder months with all that central heating drying out both my skin and hair! I have mentioned quite a few times now about my bad … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Aveda Damage Remedy

Daily Favourites | Pretty Cocktails

Lots of work, low tyre pressure, one broken phone charger later – it’s finally the weekend – OOFT! We made it!! Recently, I’ve been making an extra effort to see friends, take photos, and make some sunny memories. It’s been beautiful! My cocktail tasting skills have improved,, my eyeliner applying is… getting there… But inflating my car tyres still remains an uphill struggle haha!;-) The … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pretty Cocktails