Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Those of you who have/are saving for a house deposit will know the pain of spending less, countless reviewing of bills etc. to grab every $$$ – It’s exhausting really! I have my little spreadsheet, (that I am sadly very proud of), with charts, breakdowns an all. I use this to determine my ‘spending allowance’, so I can give myself a few treats throughout the … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Even the name sounds beautiful, isn’t it?   OK, so I might be slightly biased because I love it, but it is still a lovely name for a lipstick shade – No? When someone says nude lipstick – I think back to when girls would have pale foundation lips (how was that ever a trend!?) But I absolutely love this ‘nude’ shade by Charlotte Tilbury Makeup & … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Daily Favourites | New MakeUp In August

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed these beauties already – but I’ll be honest I’ve fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury Products so these win as my favourites for August by far. I’m always a little sceptical when things have so much hipe like – Wiggly eyebrows!? Whats that about!? I started with a mascara, after being recommended it … Continue reading Daily Favourites | New MakeUp In August

New makeup in July: The bits I liked

Foundation – Clinique’s, Even Better Clinique Even Better Foundation has an SPF15 and is an oil free formula, so it won’t clog your pores and it does protect you a little against harmful sun rays. The coverage is moderate to full but I found it to fall in the moderate category unless built up (using brush etc). For me, it feels fairly light and covers without masking. … Continue reading New makeup in July: The bits I liked

‘Theres Too Much Tea In My Prosecco!’

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’ll of noticed my shared love for my new mug… Many of you got in touch asking where I bought it, and expressed a need to have one of these in your lives! Haha. I bought this from an independent shop based in Norwich, Norfolk called Lisa Angel. Here is a link to their website & … Continue reading ‘Theres Too Much Tea In My Prosecco!’