Daily Favourites | A Pretty Pair Of Shoes

Sorry for my lack of post yesterday, I was travelling for work and got stuck in every traffic jam on the way it felt like! It’s another Bank Holiday weekend here in the U.K, 3 days off – WOOHOO! 3 whole days of food, drinkies, BBQ’s (hopefully) and good times. The best medicine for when you’re in a funk let’s be honest! These gorgeous shoes … Continue reading Daily Favourites | A Pretty Pair Of Shoes

Daily Favourites | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

I realise the title is a little cheesy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t do the heel tap every time I put this on! As you can tell by the pic these are a very loved – and very warn pair of shoes that are my go to safety net when it comes to heading out. Joined by my favourite Chanel lipstick.   Shoes … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Daily Favourites | Black Suede

  Do you have things in your wardrobe that you barely wear but have random attachments to? It’s these boots for me…. Aren’t they gorgeous!? I do wear them, just… on the very odd occasion. I can’t throw them out either though, and they have travelled with me through all my house moves. I last a whole 5 minutes in them, but it’s totally worth … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Black Suede

Daily Favourites | Pretty In Pink

Although I admit, I am not the biggest girly girl when it comes to hobbies, I still fall weak to a pretty pair of shoes! As soon as I see the cherry blossom arrive on the trees I look forward to wearing these throughout the spring/summer season. Today I’m feeling pretty in pink. What are your daily wear favourites today?   Moisturiser/Lipstick: Clinique UK Love … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pretty In Pink