Lifestyle | New Start, New Year, Happy 2018!

Happy New Year Guys! This is just a post to apologise a little for my slight absence the last month or so! I have been mega busy with work, and admittedly welcomed some time away from the social channels for a little bit – Mainly because my inspiration just wasn’t there! I have started the new year with a new job, which has definitely been … Continue reading Lifestyle | New Start, New Year, Happy 2018!

Lifestyle | How to motivate yourself on “off” days

For me, I feel like there is so much pressure nowadays to be constantly positive. Have you ever woken up and just thought – BLAAAAAHHHHHH!? Let’s be honest – we all have ‘off’ days. The days where all we want to do is sit in bed and binge-watch our favourite cheesy shows or spend the day with friends and do anything that avoids us thinking about the … Continue reading Lifestyle | How to motivate yourself on “off” days

Lifestyle | You like me? Good! You don’t like me? Ehh..too bad!

It’s been a couple of months since life got tipped a little upside down which left me feeling kinda sad about myself. I started taking comments and messages on social media ways they were never actually intended, I tried extra hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be, and hearing that someone you thought was awesome, just flat out doesn’t like you…Well, it … Continue reading Lifestyle | You like me? Good! You don’t like me? Ehh..too bad!

A little love before bedtime!

Recently my Instagram/Twitter has gotten a little more attention… I certainly haven’t forgotten about this space though, or the gorgeous people I have connected with through it! I just like to keep my posts/recipes yummy, and new! Heres a little positivity before sleepy time though:-) Spread some love. ❤ Follow Me Else Where Bloglovin | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter Continue reading A little love before bedtime!

Love you, and you’re skin will love you back💜

📷:Mint nails for the bank holiday 💛 Trying to make a real effort with myself lately. Feel happy in your skin and it will love you back… That’s the theory anyways! I suffer pretty badly from stress acne/blackheads… My skin definitely reflects my mood! I don’t bother my  a***, and it certainly won’t bother to fight off the nasties either. Having suffered from anxiety/depression in … Continue reading Love you, and you’re skin will love you back💜

Cheeky Fajita Pittas

There’s an unexpected heatwave here in the UK this week. Summer is clinching on and I love it! Especially because I have the worlds worst t’shirt lines from walking/kayaking. The way I feel about my body, certainly reflects my mood. Not a stereotype at all?! HA!  I am not going to hide my t’shirt line sadness at all!   I am not a trained nutritionist, … Continue reading Cheeky Fajita Pittas

Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!

Technology totally let me down tonight – So sorry for that! 😦 Turtle Bay will open on 30th August in Norwich. Their first restaurant in Norfolk will be bringing a brand new, blissful Caribbean dining and drinking experience to the people of Norwich!   Building up to their Norwich restaurant launch, I have been given the opportunity to take part in their launch party next … Continue reading Feelin’ Hot! Hot! Hot!