Surviving The Winter Blues

The winter period is here, and the days are increasingly shorter while the night sky lengthens. This means during the winter months, we are exposed to less sunlight which causes our body to produce less serotonin but more melatonin; a hormone that prepares the body for sleep. This can trick your body into believing it should constantly be in the state of rest or sleep; affecting … Continue reading Surviving The Winter Blues

Love you, and you’re skin will love you back💜

📷:Mint nails for the bank holiday 💛 Trying to make a real effort with myself lately. Feel happy in your skin and it will love you back… That’s the theory anyways! I suffer pretty badly from stress acne/blackheads… My skin definitely reflects my mood! I don’t bother my  a***, and it certainly won’t bother to fight off the nasties either. Having suffered from anxiety/depression in … Continue reading Love you, and you’re skin will love you back💜