Lifestyle | A Letter To My Younger Self

(Ok, so it would appear trying to find a picture of 14 year old me was hard – heres an even younger me!) Dear Younger Self, I’m writing you this letter fully knowing that you’re going to think everything I’m about to say is complete gobbledigook because you are just an imaginative day dreamer who is out to conquer the world. Firstly, you’re going to … Continue reading Lifestyle | A Letter To My Younger Self

Daily Favourites | Pop Of Colour

I recently went  looking for some new makeup, as I was getting a bit bored with what I had. I’ve learnt what I know about makeup from learning the hard way about what suits me, and what doesn’t – and if I’m even applying it right!? Because of this, I usually stay close to the neutrals (not that there is anything wrong with that!), it’s … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pop Of Colour

Daily Favourites | Wild Bluebells

This I’ll admit, is a recent purchase; one I fell in love with from the second I smelt it. I was looking for an every day scent, as I tend to wear brands like Chanel and Victor Rolf and just wanted something a little different. For me personally, it’s an elegant one, and makes me smile with the thoughts of spring – without sounding too … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Wild Bluebells

Daily Favourites | Pretty In Pink

Although I admit, I am not the biggest girly girl when it comes to hobbies, I still fall weak to a pretty pair of shoes! As soon as I see the cherry blossom arrive on the trees I look forward to wearing these throughout the spring/summer season. Today I’m feeling pretty in pink. What are your daily wear favourites today?   Moisturiser/Lipstick: Clinique UK Love … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pretty In Pink

Beauty  | My go to’s when the heads a little fuzzy…

Obviously the best way to avoid a fuzzy head, is to not drink too much party juice in the first place… …but let’s face it, preventative measures assume some level of planning and foresight and we all know the biggest nights out never came from eating a salad… Or did they!?  😉 Even if a headache isn’t bugging your happiness the morning after, a big … Continue reading Beauty  | My go to’s when the heads a little fuzzy…