Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Even the name sounds beautiful, isn’t it?   OK, so I might be slightly biased because I love it, but it is still a lovely name for a lipstick shade – No? When someone says nude lipstick – I think back to when girls would have pale foundation lips (how was that ever a trend!?) But I absolutely love this ‘nude’ shade by Charlotte Tilbury Makeup & … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Bibbidi bobbidi boo…   It’s been all systems go this morning! At one point I had three calls on the go, a postman at the door and a rumbling tummy  – OOFT! 😀 Although I have yet to leave the house today, there is nothing wrong with ridding your complexion of dark sleepy eyes, and wearing a scent that makes you smell amaaaaazing. This week … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Daily Favourites | What I’m wearing on my body today

This work week has been one of the more testing ones in recent times, so today it’s all about coconut butter hair, beautiful perfume, a bit of mascara (because – well… you know!), and a little bit of pink lip gloss. I’m taking a blanket, and a cute picnic further North today, whilst I take advantage of my National trust membership, to see even more Scottish … Continue reading Daily Favourites | What I’m wearing on my body today

Daily Favourites | New MakeUp In August

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed these beauties already – but I’ll be honest I’ve fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury Products so these win as my favourites for August by far. I’m always a little sceptical when things have so much hipe like – Wiggly eyebrows!? Whats that about!? I started with a mascara, after being recommended it … Continue reading Daily Favourites | New MakeUp In August

Daily Favourites | Rainy Hump Day

The weather is absolutely rubbish today! We are still in summer right? I’m so glad I work from home sometimes! Even though I do work from home, I still like to get up and ready – though yes, I’ll admit I stay longer in my pjs/onesie than I probably should! And yes I do enjoy a morning boogie whilst cooking my breakfast! I went around a … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Rainy Hump Day

Daily Favourites | Makeup & Silver Luck

Little later today – Sorry! Made the mistake of opening my laptop early to ‘answer one email’…. 4 hours later, we’re at lunch already!! BAH! I’d love to say I’m an eyeliner expert, but I’ll be completely honest with you – I’m really not. I use the ‘apply and hope’ approach, so some days I look fabulous, other days it looks like my 6 year … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Makeup & Silver Luck

Daily Favourites | Lemon, tea & eye makeup

Black tea, with lemon is definitely one of the ways I start the day – and in a cute cup no less! It’s friyay guys, let’s get ourselves ready for the weekend!!     Mascara – Charlotte  Tilbury Eyeshadow – No7 Eyeshadow – Mac Cosmetics Love ❤️ Follow Me! Bloglovin | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter Continue reading Daily Favourites | Lemon, tea & eye makeup

Daily Favourites | Pucker up sweet cheeks

Do you ever wake up, and make up is the last thing your skin wants to wear on your face? Where your skin is just saying – let’s be natural today please? As mentioned a few times now, I’m not the biggest foundation wearer, unless it’s on a night out or something special (and even then it’s more of a concealer/highlighter). I do however, enjoy … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pucker up sweet cheeks