Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Those of you who have/are saving for a house deposit will know the pain of spending less, countless reviewing of bills etc. to grab every $$$ – It’s exhausting really! I have my little spreadsheet, (that I am sadly very proud of), with charts, breakdowns an all. I use this to determine my ‘spending allowance’, so I can give myself a few treats throughout the … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Even the name sounds beautiful, isn’t it?   OK, so I might be slightly biased because I love it, but it is still a lovely name for a lipstick shade – No? When someone says nude lipstick – I think back to when girls would have pale foundation lips (how was that ever a trend!?) But I absolutely love this ‘nude’ shade by Charlotte Tilbury Makeup & … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Daily Favourites | Pucker up sweet cheeks

Do you ever wake up, and make up is the last thing your skin wants to wear on your face? Where your skin is just saying – let’s be natural today please? As mentioned a few times now, I’m not the biggest foundation wearer, unless it’s on a night out or something special (and even then it’s more of a concealer/highlighter). I do however, enjoy … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pucker up sweet cheeks

Daily Favourites | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

I realise the title is a little cheesy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t do the heel tap every time I put this on! As you can tell by the pic these are a very loved – and very warn pair of shoes that are my go to safety net when it comes to heading out. Joined by my favourite Chanel lipstick.   Shoes … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Keep Your Lips Kissable This Autumn

It might be later than usual, but autumn and winter are definitely coming. The evenings are getting shorter, the sky is getting darker, and the leaves CRUNCHY. This means heaters, colds and chapped lips! EEEEEEEK!   Dry and chapped This can usually mean you might be dehydrated, so instead of swiping on another layer of lip balm, grab a tall glass of water. Staying hydrated, helps … Continue reading Keep Your Lips Kissable This Autumn