Daily Favourites | Coffee In Bed

Is there anything better?   Wake up, star fish, smile, and remind yourself you can get away with doing absolutely nothing! There’s no better feeling then realising the day is yours, is there? Whether that’s spent being a productive little chicken or a lazy bum under a blanket watching movies with some munchies – YOU CAN. It’s still early here, but my body clock is … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Coffee In Bed

Daily Favourites | Sunday Mix up

Sorry for my lack of posts the last couple of days. I admittedly, have been enjoying a rather lazy one, and it’s been perfect! Sunday for me, involves catching up with loved ones, a good home cooked meal and getting dressed up in my Sunday best 🙂 Here’s a few of today’s favourites… And we have a roast chicken dinner to look forward to, and … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Sunday Mix up