Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review

❤ Sponsored Post The lovely Nikki at Nude Jewellery  sent me over this very lovely necklace, and honestly – I think it’s beautiful! (In my defence, I did warn I don’t tend to do serious pictures!). Delivery & Packaging The packaging, made me feel like it was my birthday (and of course extra special). It definitely put a smile on my face when it arrived. … Continue reading Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review

Daily Favourites | Mermaids Have More Fun

 Days like today, I wish I could be a mermaid… Or a unicorn… Unicorns are pretty awesome too!   Started my day with a dispute over my broadband speed (yawn!), followed by my toaster flinging my breakfast muffin into my sink, and then spilling my cup of tea on my white shirt! Needless to say… IT CAN GET BETTER RIGHT?   Plus, how can you … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Mermaids Have More Fun

Daily Favourites | Makeup & Silver Luck

Little later today – Sorry! Made the mistake of opening my laptop early to ‘answer one email’…. 4 hours later, we’re at lunch already!! BAH! I’d love to say I’m an eyeliner expert, but I’ll be completely honest with you – I’m really not. I use the ‘apply and hope’ approach, so some days I look fabulous, other days it looks like my 6 year … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Makeup & Silver Luck