Pork fillet with a walnut & pecan crust and mushroom sauce 

Not the best in presentation, but was totally scrummy. I N G R E D I E N T S New Potatoes, quartered (or small chunks) Pork Fillet, cut into portions Broccoli Bread Crumbs Walnuts/Pecans, roughly blended (pistachios are a good option too!) 1 Teaspoon of Dried Thyme 1 Teaspoon of Dried Rosemary Chicken stock 2 Tablespoons of oil Seasoning Mushrooms Double Cream Shallot Cracked … Continue reading Pork fillet with a walnut & pecan crust and mushroom sauce 

Cheeky Fajita Pittas

There’s an unexpected heatwave here in the UK this week. Summer is clinching on and I love it! Especially because I have the worlds worst t’shirt lines from walking/kayaking. The way I feel about my body, certainly reflects my mood. Not a stereotype at all?! HA!  I am not going to hide my t’shirt line sadness at all!   I am not a trained nutritionist, … Continue reading Cheeky Fajita Pittas

Tuesday Yumminess 😍

Treating myself tonight! Always like to listen to what my body wants!  Ingredients: Somerset matures cheddar Olives Italian meats 1 x pack of Prawns Chorizo 1 x bottle Cider Butter 4 x Garlic cloves Half red Chilli Fresh bread  Cider and chorizo: Slice the chorizo Fry until it release its oil Add enough cider to cover all chorizo  Reduce until sauce is sticky and sweet … Continue reading Tuesday Yumminess 😍