Daily Favourites | Forever Will I Always..

…Truly love coffee ❤   Sporting the sunglasses look today, by wearing my Ray Bans – In an attempt to hide the fact I am a total lightweight, and am completely knackered from last nights mischief! Needless to say though, I had a fabulous time! It’s been a fairly busy with week for me, with a trip to London thrown in the middle. Last night … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Forever Will I Always..

Daily Favourites | Pretty Cocktails

Lots of work, low tyre pressure, one broken phone charger later – it’s finally the weekend – OOFT! We made it!! Recently, I’ve been making an extra effort to see friends, take photos, and make some sunny memories. It’s been beautiful! My cocktail tasting skills have improved,, my eyeliner applying is… getting there… But inflating my car tyres still remains an uphill struggle haha!;-) The … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pretty Cocktails

Daily Favourites | It’s the weekend!

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail let’s be honest!?   It’s been a super busy week, with plenty of travel (unfortunately not the good kind)… Definitely had a few espresso martini’s last night! This weekend, I plan to be lazy, cover my hair in coconut oil and sit back with some movies, munchies and wine with my girlfriends. OOFT!   What are your plans this … Continue reading Daily Favourites | It’s the weekend!

Turtle Bay Preview Party! TONIGHT!

SUPER excited to be going to the Turtle Bay preview party in Norwich tonight! 💛 Looking forward to meeting some new/old faces and experiencing what the chain has to offer! Already panicking about what to wear though! – I’m such a girl! 😦 I just need room to munch. I just need room to munch!! I will be reviewing some of their yummy food soon Y … Continue reading Turtle Bay Preview Party! TONIGHT!