Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Those of you who have/are saving for a house deposit will know the pain of spending less, countless reviewing of bills etc. to grab every $$$ – It’s exhausting really! I have my little spreadsheet, (that I am sadly very proud of), with charts, breakdowns an all. I use this to determine my ‘spending allowance’, so I can give myself a few treats throughout the … Continue reading Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Dry Brushing – Have you tried it?

Firstly, What Is Dry Brushing? Dry brushing is known for it’s for numerous health benefits, the treatment is invigorating, stimulating and detoxifying. The technique uses a firm, natural bristle brush, and can be done on dry skin at home, or in the spa environment. My Experience Of Dry Brushing I started drying brushing around 2 years ago, and honestly? I haven’t looked back since!  It … Continue reading Dry Brushing – Have you tried it?