Stir fried Pork with noodles

Excuse the display. I had a military fitness class type thing  today, and quite honestly… Hunger got the better of me!! Ingredients: 2 noodle nests 6tbsp soy sauce 3tbsp clear honey 2tbsp dry sherry or Chinese wine if you can get your hands on it  1tbsp sesame oil Choy Sum Spring onion 1 red Chilli, finely sliced  1tbsp sunflower oil Pork fillet  1 clove garlic, … Continue reading Stir fried Pork with noodles

Cajun flank steak and bistro salad 

Been on the arcades this evening and got treated to dinner out with my baby sister… Recipe up tomorrow 🙂 this was today’s lunch! 😍   ________________________________________________________________ Sorry took me so long!   Steak Marinade Ingredients: Drop of oil – I use olive, but veg or corn I guess will do too! 🙂 tsp Paprika tsp Cayenne pepper tsp Cumin half tsp Thyme 2/3 cloves … Continue reading Cajun flank steak and bistro salad 

Rainy Monday’s pasta 

Rainy Monday’s can only mean Pasta, homemade garlic bread using left over French stick and a glass of white wine.  Today’s dinner content: Tortellini – I admittedly cheated. Bought from Morrisons £1.50. Takes two minutes to cook, and can even be frozen!  Spinach – Fried with a little butter (yes butter!), a little salt 👌 Quality extra virgin olive oil Parmesan   Garlic bread – … Continue reading Rainy Monday’s pasta 

Lunch @ Revolucion de cuba, Norwich

Firstly, I don’t by any stretch of the word, see myself as an ‘expert’. I know what I like, I enjoy eating out, I enjoy tasting new foods, and putting money back into local traders.   I recently moved back to my home town of Norwich. Norfolk being best known for Delia Smith, mustard and of course the Canaries! I love the sunny town, and … Continue reading Lunch @ Revolucion de cuba, Norwich