First off…Why stumpygumbo!?

 StumpyGumbo, was/still is an unfortunate childhood nickname thanks to my dad, after losing all my baby teeth, and having not been blessed with Kate Moss sized legs *sobs*.. Eventually my adult teeth appeared! I’m still waiting for the legs to grow though! My name is Natalie though, and I spend my days between Norwich & Aberdeen, UK.


I am fairly new to the scene, having only started in June 2016. Covering all things yummy… and sometimes not! You’ll find a wide range of recipe/food related posts amongst some lifestyle and beauty that have a little bit of personality to them. Although I try to keep my photographs pretty – let’s be honest its not everything! So I try to add a little humour into my posts.


Get in touch with me any way you like, though I’ll apologise now for the endless Sausage dog video/pic likes… and for possibly talking your ear off! 🙂 Feel free to follow me else where!




Foodie, Blogger, Simpleton, Outdoors, Shopaholic, Wine appreciator… And so on! 🙂


I will always do my up most to reply the best I can! I always appreciate hearing from you beautiful lot.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,


Natalie – stumpygumbo