I’m Natalie and I spend my days between Norwich & Aberdeen, UK.

Foodie, Blogger, Simpleton, Outdoors, Shopaholic, Wine appreciator… And so on! 🙂

I am fairly new to the scene, having only started in June 2016. Covering all things yummy… and sometimes not! Ranging from reviews, recipes and everything in-between… Sharing with the world my loves and groans!

Food definitely keeps my soul happy. If I can help others, or inspire someone to cook up something tasty then I will be a very happy little lady


 Why stumpygumbo!?

 StumpyGumbo, an unfortunate childhood nickname thanks to my dad, after losing all my baby teeth, and having not been blessed with Kate Moss sized legs *sobs*.. Eventually my adult teeth appeared! I’m still waiting for the legs to grow though!

Me and my blog are PR friendly so feel free to email me: stumpygumbo@gmail.com

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I will always do my up most to reply the best I can! I always appreciate hearing from you beautiful lot.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,


Natalie – stumpygumbo