East Twenty Six Lunch Review

Firstly, sorry it’s taken me a little longer than expected to post this… CHRISTMAS! I always try to be as honest as possible with my reviews so please read this as my own opinion! This is also not a paid Review😊 East Twenty Six is a Restaurant/Bar  in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. They offer a modern take on traditional tapas dining. Food Menu I chose the … Continue reading East Twenty Six Lunch Review

Baked Macabella Doughnuts

Today I’ve been trying out new recipes, and my new mini doughnut tray😊 My foodie review will be up soon! But in the meantime, check these yummy mini bites of heaven out! I made these using Macabella Spread and a few other ingredients! You can find this jar of yumminess at Sainsbury’s   ❤ INGREDIENTS For the Macabella Doughnuts: 1 1/4 cups Plain/all-purpose flour 1 tbsp unsweetened … Continue reading Baked Macabella Doughnuts

LQ Liquid Skin, Hair & Nails Review

NOTE: Firstly, although this product was sent to me to review, I try to be as fair and honest as possible. “LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is a scientifically formulated daily liquid supplement and is part of the LQ Liquid Health Supplement range. Each daily bottle contains multiple key active ingredients and includes marine collagen (7000mg), hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, silicon, glucosamine, selenium and vitamins. Collagen … Continue reading LQ Liquid Skin, Hair & Nails Review

Rooftop Garden Preview Night

Thursday 13/10/2016, I was invited to join others for the Rooftop Garden Press/preview night in Norwich. I am not sure whether  it was the fact I built up expectations prior to the event that led to me being so disappointed or not, but I was. Having read some other reviews of the night, I am glad some people got to try the little food that … Continue reading Rooftop Garden Preview Night

The Organic Pharmacy Lip Balm

(Excuse the state of my nails! *sobs* – A mixture of being too impatient for them to dry and it being too hot!) I got these little samples came with the August ELLE magazine, (The Rose Facial Cleansing Gel , The Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream, The Antioxidant Lip Balm). I tried my hardest to not use it, and to keep it in the cupboard for my … Continue reading The Organic Pharmacy Lip Balm

Talking All Things Beer At 6 Degrees North

6 Degrees North At 6 degrees they like to keep it simple. Creating an environment in it’s Aberdeen social that allows their craft beer do the talking, as well as their food. As per their website they proudly announce  a whopping 350 + beers on Tap and Bottle to get the conversation truly flowing between staff and customer.   I am very much looking forward … Continue reading Talking All Things Beer At 6 Degrees North

Turtle Bay Preview Night Food Review

    Last night was their Norwich preview party, and although I am suffering this morning from sampling all their yummy cocktails, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I got the opportunity to try a varied selection of food and drink, allowing my ‘no alcohol’ rule to slip a little bit…. Admittedly, I can’t write this review as a TRUE diner, though that … Continue reading Turtle Bay Preview Night Food Review

Pie Night at The Royal Oak

Now I might be slightly biased by this, due to the fact it’s about a 5 minute walk from my house. HOWEVER, from the very first visit to The Royal Oak back in February, Delia and the guys have been nothing but welcoming. I moved down a little unwillingly from Aberdeen for ventures new, and stumbled across Poringland. Admittedly, it’s not full of your fancy … Continue reading Pie Night at The Royal Oak