Daily Favourites | Lemon, tea & eye makeup

Black tea, with lemon is definitely one of the ways I start the day - and in a cute cup no less! It's friyay guys, let's get ourselves ready for the weekend!!     Mascara - Charlotte  Tilbury Eyeshadow - No7 Eyeshadow - Mac Cosmetics Love ❤️ Follow Me! Bloglovin | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter

Daily Favourites | Pucker up sweet cheeks

Do you ever wake up, and make up is the last thing your skin wants to wear on your face? Where your skin is just saying - let's be natural today please? As mentioned a few times now, I'm not the biggest foundation wearer, unless it's on a night out or something special (and even [...]

Lifestyle | How to motivate yourself on “off” days

For me, I feel like there is so much pressure nowadays to be constantly positive. Have you ever woken up and just thought - BLAAAAAHHHHHH!? Let's be honest - we all have 'off' days. The days where all we want to do is sit in bed and binge-watch our favourite cheesy shows or spend the day with [...]

Daily Favourites | Stud Muffin

This bag is big enough to carry all my essentials, but small enough I  don't fly away in the wind. I have never really been one for studs, but this certainly eases me into the trend 🙂 Have a great day! Bag - RiverIsland Love ❤️ Follow Me! Bloglovin | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter

Lifestyle | A Letter To My Younger Self

(Ok, so it would appear trying to find a picture of 14 year old me was hard - heres an even younger me!) Dear Younger Self, I’m writing you this letter fully knowing that you’re going to think everything I’m about to say is complete gobbledigook because you are just an imaginative day dreamer who [...]

Daily Favourites | Pop Of Colour

I recently went  looking for some new makeup, as I was getting a bit bored with what I had. I've learnt what I know about makeup from learning the hard way about what suits me, and what doesn't - and if I'm even applying it right!? Because of this, I usually stay close to the [...]

Daily Favourites | Black Suede

  Do you have things in your wardrobe that you barely wear but have random attachments to? It's these boots for me.... Aren't they gorgeous!? I do wear them, just... on the very odd occasion. I can't throw them out either though, and they have travelled with me through all my house moves. I last [...]

Daily Favourites | Wild Bluebells

This I'll admit, is a recent purchase; one I fell in love with from the second I smelt it. I was looking for an every day scent, as I tend to wear brands like Chanel and Victor Rolf and just wanted something a little different. For me personally, it's an elegant one, and makes me [...]