Cheeky Strawberries 

I’ve put something similar up before. Such a good way to food cheat though! My mood definitely reflects what I eat at times, I can’t get away with eating this every day. It’s a nice quick little breakfast that puts a smile on my face however.  Ingredients: Wholemeal Breakfast muffin  Fresh strawberries (they taste better if you get them in season!) Nutella Coffee (macbeans – … Continue reading Cheeky Strawberries 

Easy one dish fish 

😍✌️ Ingredients: Whole seabass Garlic Lemon slices Fresh basil Baby potatoes – par boiled Tomatoes Olive oil Method:  Par boil the baby potatoes (just until slightly soften) Lightly oil tray, add the potatoes, chopped tomatoes Stuff fish with garlic, basil and lemon, place on top in tray Season with cracked salt and pepper Oven cook on 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes Serve and enjoy! … Continue reading Easy one dish fish 

Tzatziki 😊

Ingredients: 2 x Cloves garlic, finely chopped. Half cucumber, deseaded abd finely chopped.  2 cups of low fat Greek yogurt.  Dash of olive oil. Juice of half a lemon.  Salt and pepper  Method: Combine the yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice and garlic.  Add a dash of olive oil and some salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.  Cover and place in the refrigerator for at … Continue reading Tzatziki 😊

Squid, salad and garlicky Mayo! 😍

Decided to treat myself, and make me some calamari! As the world knows, it was a big day in Britain, and I was involved in the count in my local area. This being after working during the day, to which I then went to work with an hours sleep this morning! Needless to say, my energy has been lacking! ANYWAYS! Food!  Ingredients: Calamari 4 x … Continue reading Squid, salad and garlicky Mayo! 😍

Stir fried Pork with noodles

Excuse the display. I had a military fitness class type thing  today, and quite honestly… Hunger got the better of me!! Ingredients: 2 noodle nests 6tbsp soy sauce 3tbsp clear honey 2tbsp dry sherry or Chinese wine if you can get your hands on it  1tbsp sesame oil Choy Sum Spring onion 1 red Chilli, finely sliced  1tbsp sunflower oil Pork fillet  1 clove garlic, … Continue reading Stir fried Pork with noodles

Cajun flank steak and bistro salad 

Been on the arcades this evening and got treated to dinner out with my baby sister… Recipe up tomorrow 🙂 this was today’s lunch! 😍   ________________________________________________________________ Sorry took me so long!   Steak Marinade Ingredients: Drop of oil – I use olive, but veg or corn I guess will do too! 🙂 tsp Paprika tsp Cayenne pepper tsp Cumin half tsp Thyme 2/3 cloves … Continue reading Cajun flank steak and bistro salad