Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review

❤ Sponsored Post The lovely Nikki at Nude Jewellery  sent me over this very lovely necklace, and honestly - I think it's beautiful! (In my defence, I did warn I don't tend to do serious pictures!). Delivery & Packaging The packaging, made me feel like it was my birthday (and of course extra special). It… Continue reading Fashion | Nude Jewellery Review


Daily Favourites | Hello November

Is it me, or has 2017 absolutely flown by?   It certainly has for me anyways! I got woken by the most beautiful bunch of roses I ever did see, giving me the pick me up that I so badly needed today. It's my birthday next week, and  I guess with that, comes lots of… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Hello November

Daily Favourites | Pretty Nails

First off, it's humpday... Which means we are half way to the weekend - Well done for surviving and making it this far! BRAVO! Let's be who doesn't love a good pamper session let's be honest?   I’ll admit though, when it comes to my nails.. I’m pretty pants! In an attempt to save some… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Pretty Nails

Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Those of you who have/are saving for a house deposit will know the pain of spending less, countless reviewing of bills etc. to grab every $$$ - It's exhausting really! I have my little spreadsheet, (that I am sadly very proud of), with charts, breakdowns an all. I use this to determine my 'spending allowance',… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Payday Splurge

Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Even the name sounds beautiful, isn't it?   OK, so I might be slightly biased because I love it, but it is still a lovely name for a lipstick shade - No? When someone says nude lipstick - I think back to when girls would have pale foundation lips (how was that ever a trend!?)… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Penelope Pink

Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Bibbidi bobbidi boo...   It's been all systems go this morning! At one point I had three calls on the go, a postman at the door and a rumbling tummy  - OOFT! 😀 Although I have yet to leave the house today, there is nothing wrong with ridding your complexion of dark sleepy eyes, and… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Magic Wand

Daily Favourites | Aveda Damage Remedy

When I think of autumn, I think of the shorter evenings, colder temperatures and of course the unpredictable weather patterns...   Although I bought this to survive the warmer summer months, I'm definitely going to be keeping up use during the colder months with all that central heating drying out both my skin and hair! I… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Aveda Damage Remedy

Daily Favourites | Clinique Goodies

This weekend, I had plans to be on my sociable 'A' game. Alas, other than some house viewing today, I have been very much the opposite. Do you ever have those weekends when you just want to shove on the baggiest jumper you own, joggers, glass of wine and lounge? That's been the mood for… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Clinique Goodies

Daily Favourites | Mermaids Have More Fun

 Days like today, I wish I could be a mermaid... Or a unicorn... Unicorns are pretty awesome too!   Started my day with a dispute over my broadband speed (yawn!), followed by my toaster flinging my breakfast muffin into my sink, and then spilling my cup of tea on my white shirt! Needless to say...… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Mermaids Have More Fun

Daily Favourites | Keep Sake

These earrings, like so many other bits in my jewellery box, barely get worn. It's not because I don't like them, but because I am so terrified of losing them, or getting them damaged - sad really isn't it? I use to be so much worse, keep items of clothing, notes, tickets etc... from as… Continue reading Daily Favourites | Keep Sake