Drink – The Wine Etiquette Guide

The event of choosing the wine to go with your dish in a restaurant can be confusing and embarrassing for the average person, with restaurants having such extensive wine lists sometimes it is hard to know where to start, is it ever a good idea to just choose what you can afford? Or is wine something you need to splurge on to enjoy its full effects? Below is a brief breakdown of what to consider when choosing wine.


How do you choose the best wine?


  • What is better; red wine or white wine? For a meal that is rich and filling, such as steak or red meat and potatoes you should always opt for red, with a great selection at Wine On Sale. White wine is the option for a lighter meal such as fish or salad.
  • How much do you spend on wine? You should avoid very cheap wines but do keep in mind that a decent bottle of wine doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive, look for something in the middle of the road for a pleasant affordable drink.
  • Consider the Vintage of the wine – Red wines usually require a few years to develop a better taste don’t choose a red wine that was produced within the last 2 years as a rule. Contradictorily with white wines, it tends to be the younger the better with most wines such as Pinot Grigio being at their best flavor within their first year.
  • You can always ask for help if you are still completely confused – The waiter at your restaurant should be able to offer suggestions to help you choose the wine that will best compliment your meal, they may even produce a sample of wine for you to try before you commit to buying a bottle.


How to test a bottle of wine when dining out?
The process of sampling wine from a waiter in a restaurant or at an event can be embarrassing and intimidating and many people are unsure of the expected etiquette. The waiter will present the bottle to you for your inspection, this is for you to check the vintage, temperature and overall look of the wine if you are satisfied then you simply nod at the waiter who will accept this as your approval. A small amount of the wine will now be placed in your glass for you to sample, you swirl the glass to check for any corking which can ruin the quality of the wine, sniffing will also give you an idea of if the wine has corked. Now it is for you to accept and the waiter will fill yours and your guest glasses with the chosen wine.

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