Lifestyle | Breaking up with my phone

Lately I’ve had love on my mind a lot. I think we all do, no? For me, right now though I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with my phone and the part it plays in my life – which can sometimes be quite destructive. I came to notice that I was using my smartphone to avoid difficult feelings. Putting off washing dirty dishes? Check my phone. Feeling stressed? Check my phone – You get it! Definitely my safety blanket. It’s a sad realisation come to think of it!

The summer in the UK has been AMAZEBALLS (says me looking out the window to a rainy sky – least my plants are finally watered!).  I’ve recently had a wake up call to the fact that I have a problem with my phone – mainly because it takes away the here and now, and quite honestly – WHY!? Although I won’t be totally taking a break from the bloggersphere, and I will still be actively uploading content.. I do need a break. Just to enjoy the little things.

Try it yourselves – see how much better the world looks once you look up.






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One thought on “Lifestyle | Breaking up with my phone

  1. Enjoy your break from your phone 😘

    Check out my blog, I’d appreciate any feedback.


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