Collab | Some Ideas For A Fun Weekend With Your Mates

If you’ve not seen your mates in a while then it’s always nice to set aside a weekend for a catch-up. It can be hard for adults to make time for relaxing in this hectic modern world, but seeing your favourite people should be a key aspect of your routine. Here are some fun ideas for a fun weekend with your mates if you need some inspiration.

A spa weekend.

You’ve all had long weeks at work. Why not try yourselves to a spa day? Or, better yet, you could treat yourselves to an entire weekend at the spa. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a fancy establishment whilst receiving manicures, pedicures, facial masks, and drinks. That’s the kind of experience that should always be shared with your best friends in the world. Just make sure everybody clears their diary before you go booking anything. You could always host your own spa day at home, but it’s nice to be pampered by professionals.

A party.

Choose a night that everyone’s free and organise a party. That’s the best way to have a fun weekend with your mates. Get the gang together at one of your houses and let the rave (or relaxed gathering) commence. You could start off with a dinner party. Maybe you could ask your friends to bring some of their own dishes for everyone to try. It can be hard to prepare food for a big group of people, so it’s easier if everyone chips in. If one of your mates is always bragging about their world-famous dessert then you could invite them to live up to their promises and bring it over.

And, of course, you’ll need some alcohol to really top of the evening. If you end up organising it at the last minute then you could even look into a service such as Oddbins to deliver wine to your door on the same day. You and the girls don’t even need to leave the house. Get all of the creature comforts you need, relax on the sofa, and binge-watch every TV series on Netflix. Or play some fun games such as charades and Monopoly (if you can handle the competitiveness). Whatever your plan, a house party is always a great way to have fun with your adult friends. You can still have a wild night as you would if you were out in town, but you get to control the festivities.

A day of baking.

Food is the one thing that pretty much everyone loves. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends at the weekend then why not organise a day of baking? It’s the perfect activity. You could go to the shops and buy some desserts, but where’s the fun in that? When you bake cakes yourself, it feels like you’ve really earned the treat. Plus, you don’t have to worry about abiding by the small portion sizes you get with manufactured goods. When you’re the chef, you can bake as large a cake as you want. Don’t hold back – it’s the weekend! Some people go out drinking, but this sounds like a much better way to spend your Saturday night.



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