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It’s been nearly 2 months since my last blog post – WOAH! Sorry I haven’t been in touch, but thank you all for the love. I am OK!

I had a house move (still in the same house, but had stuff stuck down in England!)… during the ‘Beast from the East’, to which it took me 3 whole days to get from Aberdeen, UK to Norwich, UK before ever touching a box!

The last few months have been full of love and positivity, but equally full of stress (new job, uni work, the above said move & everything else in between). It’s been a little overwhelming really.

Now, yes arguable if you knew me you’d know I can never sit still (unless I’ve eaten far too much and refuse to move from my comfy place – obvs). Of late though, I have definitely felt the impact of everything on my mind, body and soul. So, I figured I could sit and dwell on the fact my favourite doughnut  got discontinued (jokes– though this was a grey day!)  or go about giving myself a bit of oomph and get me my mojo back! I think I was so highly wired, so caught up in the craziness, the “hurry up and be fixed!” mindset made me no good to anyone.

It wasn’t about a quick fix, and although I was still a little active on other social channels I needed some serious time off from blogging. I needed time away from my desk, away from the chaos, to work out what it was I really wanted from this crazy life, and to calm the f*** down.

“We humans tend to wait for life to be perfect, the truth is life will never be 100% perfect. Life is ever changing. Sometimes you are blessed with wonderful surprises and other times life hands you a sh*t sandwich.”

The sooner we realise that we can have a great day, every day, despite what does or doesn’t happen on that day, the sooner we will move away from the chaos and into the calm. Spread some smiles!



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