Lifestyle | Add An Element Of Flexibility With Your Furniture Choices

It doesn’t matter whether you are a homeowner or a seasoned renter, there will be times when you want a furniture overhaul.  When clearing out your sofas, closets, tables and dining chairs, you’ll feel a sense of relief as you are shipping out with the old and welcoming in the new. However, you need to have a clear plan when considering what you are going to replace your old wares with. Are you going to opt for a particular style? Do you ache for an industrial look or is traditional and cosy more your thing? Take a look at these ways you can keep your furniture choices flexible, so you aren’t tied in to one particular design choice.

The Bedroom

If you spent hours with a sledgehammer trying to knock down the fitted wardrobe that has been lining the back all of your bedrooms, you’ll know just how inflexible this form of storage can be. Instead, opt for a couple of free standing wardrobes which you can maneuver should you want to switch things up every so often. With moveable furniture, you aren’t tied into a specific configuration and can have more flexibility in your room layout.

If you want some seating in your room, don’t plump for a fixed window seat. Although they can afford scenic views when looking out of your window first thing in the morning, they can also be less comfortable than a plush armchair and can eat into the square footage of the room.


The Living Room

As our television screens have become wider so has our storage in which to house them. While some people select the most enormous fitted storage for their media system, others choose to keep a more flexible approach. Rather than take up half of the room with a glorified bookcase, you should consider more clever and clutter reducing measures. Think about fixing your flat screen to the wall, keeping remotes and consoles out of site and ensuring that your DVD player stored away until it’s needed. Large wall units can be daunting and encroach on the otherwise cosy and pleasant ambience of a room.



Fitted kitchens are still the most common choice when it comes to integrated ovens, white goods, and our trusty dishwashers. However, with the reemergence of all things retro and vintage, keen cooks and kitchenalia fans are welcoming freestanding 1950s kitchen units, and mid-century cupboards into their culinary havens. If you need extra storage or simply want a touch of nostalgia in your kitchen, you should take a look at online auction sites and local reclamation shops for antique pieces.

Renovating any aspect of our homes whether it’s the facade of our house, the carpets in the living room or the storage in the bedroom, is exciting, can change our lifestyle and allow us to fall in love with our pads all over again. Forget the fitted and opt for the convenience of freestanding furniture to add a touch more flexibility into your humble abode.






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