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This transition isn’t going to come easy to a lot of you. Becoming an adult is a very confusing time, often one that no one understands, it just kind of awkwardly happens. One day you’ll wake up and expected to have responsibilities you aren’t used to, and suddenly you’ll look around the room and realise you are the adult. When that happens, it is a really scary time. You aren’t being babied anymore, and there aren’t many people who are going to give you some sound life advice, they’ll expect you to know everything already! So to help you a little with the transition, we’ve put together a few ways in which you can easily transition from a young person, to an adult.


You’re going to have more responsibilities than you’ll care to admit when you become an adult. So whilst you’re making the move from a young adult, you might as well start doing the little things that are soon going to become your issue. When you move out you won’t have someone around to do everything for you, suddenly everything will become a task you need to do. So if you’re still living at home try and manage your own washing rather than expecting your parents to do it. It might be annoying, but it’s good to know what to do in advance. You also need to start looking after yourself and your own health. Making sure you’re eating right and getting a balanced diet is something not all adults do anyway, but it would be good practice for you to do it.

Money Management

Money management is something you’re going to have to learn pretty fast. But the sad thing about it is that it really isn’t easy. When you move out for example, you’re going to have bills coming at you from all angles, and managing your money effectively when this happens is definitely something they don’t teach you in school. The best thing you can do is first look at how you can get all your monthly payments down. Is that brand new phone and expensive contract worth it? Probably not when it could save you a lot of money each month! Another bill you might not expect to be so high is your student finance, but when you’ve got other things coming out you want it as low as possible. There are companies out there, such as, who can help to bring that repayment down and free up some of your money to other areas of your life. When it comes to household bills, there are plenty of ways to get those down as well. All you need to do is practice being a bit more frugal. Check out these ways however if you’re struggling a little.


Everyone reaches milestones in their own time, so there isn’t any rush. But it would be a good idea to set out a five year plan of where you see yourself. Do you want to have travelled, moved out, had kids? Being an adult is all about having your life sorted, so planning in advance might help you!



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