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The lovely Nikki at Nude Jewellery  sent me over this very lovely necklace, and honestly – I think it’s beautiful!


(In my defence, I did warn I don’t tend to do serious pictures!).

Delivery & Packaging

The packaging, made me feel like it was my birthday (and of course extra special). It definitely put a smile on my face when it arrived. The design is very adaptable to the seasons, so this may be a new every day necklace – because why not!? Delivery was fast, and Nikki made sure she was available to answer any queries with postage etc.



The Necklace

Like I said above… Love it! I guess my only slight piece of negativity is with the chain. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to a few bits of hair after it got caught in the clasp, on one too many times I wore it.  For me personally, I’d like it to sit a little lower down, but in the gran scheme of things that isn’t major (though perhaps a little picky!) and hasn’t stopped me wearing it.

Other Services

As well as selling some very beautiful jewellery, Nude offer a specialised bespoke wedding and engagement ring service … This is something I admittedly can’t say I have had the joys of experiencing (as I am by no means ready for all that slushy stuff!), but if their main pieces are anything to go by, I would definitely recommend.  Here’s two pages to have a look at… Handmade Engagement Rings & Bespoke Jewellery



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