Collab | A Smile Goes With Every Look

To what ends do you use your look? If you’re serious about fashion, you often have a purpose other than just getting dressed. You want to look good for a reason. Perhaps, you want to look professional and active. Or you want to be approachable and friendly. You might even have romance in mind. A look has leverage, but the tool with the most leverage of all is a smile. Here’s how you make sure yours is effective as possible.

Having confidence

Unfortunately, there are plenty of women who aren’t as confident in their smile as they should be. We should be able to look past what we might consider flaws in ourselves, but that’s hard to do when you feel like it’s so noticeable. You don’t have to live with a smile that you’re unhappy with, whether it’s due to discolouration over time or perceived crookedness. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get cosmetic dental treatment thanks to places like Natural Smiles. It can take some time getting used to let your smile shine freely once you’ve finished the work on it, but the wonders it will do for your self-confidence are not to be underestimated.

Showing belief

Your mouth isn’t the only part of the body that matters when you’re smiling. Your whole body language is going to work in tandem with it to communicate a message. If you want to look confident and happy with yourself, you have to express it with your body. In particular, you should improve your posture as suggested by Huffington Post and straighten up. If you look upright, people are more likely to believe that you are genuine in your smile.

Drawing attention

Your lips are just as important as your teeth when it comes to smiling, too. They frame it, and the right colour can immediately improve it by making your teeth more dazzling, highlighting some of your best features, and make it more eye-catching. A good Penelope Pink works for those who want a natural, bright look, but if you’re really looking to wow someone and have romance in mind, then the contrast between white teeth and race car red lips can be tremendously powerful. Just use that power responsibly!

Being genuine

‘Be genuine” is one of the hardest and seemingly the least intuitive pieces of advice that you can offer. However, people can spot a poorly faked smile a mile away. It looks like not only the smile is ingenuine, but the person giving it is as well. When you smile for real, you smile with more than your mouth. Your cheeks raise, your dimples appear if you have them and your eyes smile with you. It might feel a little weird, but practising a genuine smile in the mirror can make it a lot easier to whip out when you need it in the real world. What’s more, when you smile, even if you don’t mean it, it has a psychological effect which actually makes you happier and more likely to keep smiling long after.

A smile can work wonders for you, but you have to work for it, as well. Take care of it and know how to use it.



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