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It’s been an unexpectedly productive week, with a duvet day in the middle (because what would a week off be without one – seriously?!).

How’s your week been?


I’ve been searching for a little bit of what makes me happy recently, after a few months of feeling like something was missing. The experiences definitely got me thinking! So far, it’s lead to me going freelance with my app work, getting into writing (you can find one of my links here;, not perhaps the biggest wins so far, but it’s definitely gotten me smiling and taking on a travelling adventure! (with a little bit of climbing thrown in).


I have to say, it’s been the best and most uplifting medicine I’ve had in such a long time. I never really understood the meaning of self love, but I totally get it now. Nasty break ups, controlling relationships and the death of loved ones can definitely put an unexpected spanner in the works! Know your self worth, and enjoy the world with those that love you, celebrating life for the ones who are no longer with us.


Anyways, enough of that slushy stuff – Eat. Drink. PARTY!




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