Daily Favourites | Saturday Nights In

This week, has been the most challenging in a long time… Everything from work, personal life to uni work & family. I’ve definitely felt the pressure.

I figured this deserved a night of nothing but munchies, relax & beer- ever felt like that?

I type this sat in my onesie (because, obvs??), watching Mission Impossible 5…. I think?Planning my next adventure. I won’t go too emotionally deep on a Saturday evening, though I’ve definitely been reviewing what makes me happy, where I want to be etc of late… And there’s definitely work to be done!  But before I begin to bore you with the details…

Eat, drink, live the night away!



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2 thoughts on “Daily Favourites | Saturday Nights In

    1. Definitely! 🙂 Glad it’s not just me! I sometimes have ‘pamper’ time too… The little things!

      Thank you!

      Hope you have a great week too! xx


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