Daily Favourites | Rainy Hump Day

The weather is absolutely rubbish today! We are still in summer right? I’m so glad I work from home sometimes!

Even though I do work from home, I still like to get up and ready – though yes, I’ll admit I stay longer in my pjs/onesie than I probably should! And yes I do enjoy a morning boogie whilst cooking my breakfast!

I went around a year without buying any decent perfume, I wanted to save some money and create myself a good float. I have to say, I am proud of myself for doing it – but I won’t be doing it again anytime soon haha. For me, it makes me feel more elegant, more feminine,  completely dressed. Is that  weird? I hope not! Either way, you can’t go too wrong smelling beautiful and with a pretty pair of pants!

Mascara – Kiko

Lipstick – Avon

Perfume – Chanel



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