Lifestyle | How to motivate yourself on “off” days

For me, I feel like there is so much pressure nowadays to be constantly positive. Have you ever woken up and just thought – BLAAAAAHHHHHH!?

Let’s be honest – we all have ‘off’ days. The days where all we want to do is sit in bed and binge-watch our favourite cheesy shows or spend the day with friends and do anything that avoids us thinking about the fact we’re grumpy. It happens.  The days where you know you have to go somewhere or do something important (my recent challenge being a clothes return). You need to do it, you should do it but you don’t feel as motivated as you normally do.

Ask yourself why you’re feeling under-motivated? Are you nervous or anxious? Are you feeling unwell? Or is there something else? Questioning why can help you try and fix what’s stopping your motivation. Maybe sleep hasn’t been your friend lately or things are more on your mind than you first thought.

If you can – fix them. Do something you love, grab something tasty to eat for breaky and do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better. If I’m feeling “off” I like to start my days off with yoga, and I spend a little time being selfish – pampering myself or even just by running a good bubble bath! I know my motivation will come back soon.

Remember it is normal to have “off days!”


Relax – First things first, stop. Take a deep breath, and let’s slow it down a bit. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed the most important thing is to take your head out of the clouds and bring yourself back down to earth. Go for a walk, listen to some music or indulge. Use this time to work through what is making you feel off. It’s important to confront it rather than sweep it under the carpet.  Give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind.

Set a goal – This is a great way to get you out of the rut of an off day. For me, it’s weirdly satisfying ticking things off. All the jobs done, and nothing to think about. It may help you get your mojo back seeing all those ticks!

Slow and steady wins the race –  If you have to do something big then take small steps to get your motivation back. Slow and steady – you will get there. You may be feeling overwhelmed and it can take out some of your motivation. The mountain looks too high to climb – but you can do it. Take it slowly because you’ll see your progress. You’ll see that you are getting up the metaphorical or literal mountain and that may boost your motivation.

Tackle the mountain first – I’m the worlds worst for ignoring the bigger tasks in life. I’ve learnt this should be my starting point. If there’s something challenging in the way which is eating up your motivation – do that. Then once you’ve done it the easier tasks will fly over and you’ll feel more satisfied afterwards.

Fix up, Look Sharp – Look good and feel good, right? Absolutely! A little glamour never hurt anyone, and there is no shame in dressing yourself up to make yourself feel good. It’ll help to carry you through the day, and it might present. Go above and beyond, allowing yourself to be “too busy” to be consumed by the feeling, you’ll slowly but surely start feeling that way!



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