Lifestyle | A Letter To My Younger Self

(Ok, so it would appear trying to find a picture of 14 year old me was hard – heres an even younger me!)

Dear Younger Self,

I’m writing you this letter fully knowing that you’re going to think everything I’m about to say is complete gobbledigook because you are just an imaginative day dreamer who is out to conquer the world.

Firstly, you’re going to fake tan your legs soon, it doesn’t end well – brace yourself. I hate to tell you but your plans to conquer the world are not going to happen anytime soon. Fortunately, some much better things are in store for you though, you’re a little lost right now to see it, but you will. Once you learn to harness some inner strength, it will lead you from a rather self destructive path to a highly productive one.

Despite desperate attempts to get into romantic dramas like your sisters – you’ll never truly become a die hard romantic. We’re OK with that though! You do become a little cynical though, and rather grumpy. This doesn’t last long though, and although it takes you quite the journey to see the light at the other end of the tunnel, you finally start to love yourself before anyone else. You’ll have a wake up call and come to the profound realisation that there is a MASSIVE difference between settling and settling down.

You’ll pluck your eyebrows too thin, you’ll wear far too much eyeliner and despite everyone trying to convince you – red hair is not your thing.

Jobs will come and go, and your career is going to be a somewhat uphill battle until you finally give in and go back to study (I know I couldn’t quite believe it either – but it’s true!). In many ways your life will be like the second wave in a set (you’ll only understand when you get there). Second waves in a set somehow are always a bigger more adventurous ride. Everybody goes for the first, and most of your friends will make it on the first wave. They’ll fall in love, get married and have kids before you do, but, just know that the second wave is grand and more often than not is a hell of a ride.

Don’t make such a big deal out of the small things. The traffic jams, telephone bills and people that get in your way are just a test of your patience and your ability to deal with them. You’ll get told off for not being serious enough – ignore them. This helps you through some rough times and is a part of the person you are.

Life will be nothing like you had imagined. You’ll have a few too many bad hair cuts, a hair dye mishap –  and don’t even get me started on our first blusher attempt!  I’ll just say that it will be A GAZZILION TIMES better. Life will continue to throw curve balls at you and to this day it still does, but it welcomes some sunshine and that keeps you smiling for quite a while 🙂


Your Older Wiser(ish) Self




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