Daily Favourites | Wild Bluebells

This I’ll admit, is a recent purchase; one I fell in love with from the second I smelt it. I was looking for an every day scent, as I tend to wear brands like Chanel and Victor Rolf and just wanted something a little different.

For me personally, it’s an elegant one, and makes me smile with the thoughts of spring – without sounding too cheesy (obviously!). They do little 20 minute sessions, so if you’re unsure what tones you like etc…. Do what I did, relax, try a few different ones out and enjoy the pamper. I bought the hand cream, and wanted to make sure all scents complimented each other and this option suited me to a ‘T’.

Wild Bluebell Cologne – Jo Malone

Bracelets – Pandora

Lip Crayon – Chanel





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