Lifestyle | You like me? Good! You don’t like me? Ehh..too bad!

It’s been a couple of months since life got tipped a little upside down which left me feeling kinda sad about myself. I started taking comments and messages on social media ways they were never actually intended, I tried extra hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be, and hearing that someone you thought was awesome, just flat out doesn’t like you…Well, it can hurt!

Some nights I laid in bed with a guilty feeling thinking:

What did I do for this person to not like me? 

Am I a bad person?

Truth is,…

Not Everyone Needs To Like You

I’ve come to grips that no matter how nice you are to everyone, there is going to be someone who just doesn’t like you. There are so many personalities in the world, and so it’s inevitable that some will just not jive. It’s not realistic to be liked by everyone, so don’t get worked up about it, embrace your little quirks and spread kindness to everyone – Just quit trying so hard to please them all.


Take time to nurture those relationships that really matter, and stand confident with who you are. 🙂





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