Beauty  | My go to’s when the heads a little fuzzy…

Obviously the best way to avoid a fuzzy head, is to not drink too much party juice in the first place…

…but let’s face it, preventative measures assume some level of planning and foresight and we all know the biggest nights out never came from eating a salad… Or did they!?  😉

Even if a headache isn’t bugging your happiness the morning after, a big night out is unlikely to do your complexion any favours. For me, when I go out, have a few drinks, have a little boogie – it more than shows the next day! There’s no hiding it. I’m not a big foundation wearer (though I do own some, but apply it more like a concealer), but I try to stay ‘fresh faced’ as much as I can.

But if ‘just staying in’ isn’t the answer – and let’s face it… It isn’t! Then what’s the best way to look ‘alive’? Haha.

You could always wear a super dark pair of sun glasses, elegantly sip on some Irn Bru hidden in a travel cup, and play the ‘mysterious’ card… Or…. FAKE IT. 

Get Your Glow Back

I don’t know about you, but my skin can look pretty dull after a night of over-indulgence and will always need a little extra helping hand the next day guaranteed. For me, I use lavender oil. Lavender essential oil is often considered the cure-all for a variety of health symptoms, everything from anxiety to insomnia. It’s the pick me up my skin needs, and smells so pretty.


Brighten those Peepers

Tired eyes are a tell-tale sign that you are feeling a little worse for wear! I now use my most recent discovery – Cliniques, ‘Prep Time’ Eye cream. It helps refresh and de-puff the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s pretty fast acting, so you will visibly be able to see the firming effect and reduction.


Hide Your Sins

A good concealer is any girls best friend. Once the skin has been prepped and has been given a little lease of life back, its time to conceal any redness and dark circles that might have cropped up overnight. Pat onto any areas of discolouration and blend the edges to achieve an even, natural looking finish. Choose a colour slightly lighter than your natural skin colour as a highlighter to bring dimension back into the face. If you don’t have a concealer, I often just light pat foundation with a brush to give light coverage.


Pucker Up!

I tend to drink a lot of water, but there are always moments where I perhaps swapped a glass for something a little stronger. The next day the dehydration shows straight away by looking at my lips. Chapped, yucky looking lips! I tend to rub a little coconut oil on them, olive oil or even lavender! These natural ingredients help to keep your lips feeling moisturised and hydrated (though drink plenty of water too!).


Smell Beautiful

Not so much an essential, but I love the feeling that wearing a beautiful perfume gives you so hungover or not – this should always be on the list! 🙂







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