If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 5 products with you

Anytime I’ve heard a question like this, it’s been in an interview or the infamous team building exercises work always gets you to do as an ice breaker. Whilst writing my review of the Aveeno Review, I lightly spoke about the product working in warm climates which got me thinking…

what else would I keep with me if I was stranded?

I also can’t pack light to save my life, so there was a little bit of a ‘break down’ for me.

What do I actually need? – And apparently All OF IT, is not an answer!? Haha!

The first three were easy enough, back to the basics; products we should be using during the warm summer months. The last two I figured will vary depending on what aspect of your beauty you prioritise, for me though.. it’s all about the hair!

1 Sunscreen – La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light
Just because I’d be stranded, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t protect my skin. Who wants wrinkles & lobster cheeks anyways!? Freckles are cute, but the risks of ageing and skin damage are too much for me –  I quite like my baby face!

2 A cleanser – Origins Ginzing
I’m fortunate that I can get away with abusing my skin regime for a week or two, but after that my skin definitely needs some attention!  It seems only prudent to bring along a gentle face cleanser. Get rid of all that dirt!

3 Lip balm – Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm
My lips can spend 5 minutes in front of a fan, before they start to feel dry. – Or if I’m not very hydrated, they completely give me away! So I figured, stranded on a dessert… I’d be doomed! Lip balm or lip oil to keep my lips from chapping and peeling is incredibly important, not to mention provide a degree of comfort we take for granted.

4 Shampoo – Argan oil shampoo
A dirty/hot scalp would drive me INSANE. All the itchiness, and dirt – BAH!! I can only imagine the creepy crawlies etc you’d get in your hair whilst on an island! What a pretty picture!

5 Hair oil – Wella Hair Oil
My hair only has to be hit with the teeniest bit of heat, and it turns into the biggest fuzzy wuzzy mess! So hair oil would totally be for my own sanity, plus – who knows who you might see whilst you’re out there ;-P It would also help stop my hair from drying out.

What 5 products would you take?




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