My Morning Skin Routine

Firstly, this is what I’ve found works for me – everyone is different, so learn what your skin wants, not what the instructions tell you, you need! 🙂

Mornings are my favourite time… Well, when I have time to wake up naturally and star fish in my  white bed sheets, before putting some coffee on, checking out the weather, and writing my ‘to do’ list for the day.

I am slowly managing to set my body clock to work this way, even if it does mean waking up at around 6 am. For me, it helps to set my mood for the day, and without this I’d be a hungry, grumpy, fuzzy mess! haha.

Although I like to have nice nails, hair etc. I’m not the girliest of girls (despite my exterior), and have admittedly learnt mostly from the wrong ways of doing things – Shocker! I like things to be fairly simple, quick and fuss free, as who really has time for all that fuss anyways!? 😉

Many of you have gotten in touch regarding my skin in posts, and wondered how I keep it clear? I’d love to say I have magic wound that’s not on the market yet, but to be honest it’s nothing you’ve probably not heard of before. Water is your bestest friend, and your diet plays a massive part in it too.  I try to eat as much fish as I can, and when I’m not, I make sure my meals are packed full of greens. Alcohol for me, more so than caffeine really puts a downer on my skin! I like most, do like the odd G&T or glass of wine, but this is definitely something I have limited. To help make it easier, I bought myself an infuser so I flavour my water with lemon, cucumber, strawberries etc. which is awesome!

I have a fairly strict morning skincare routine that goes along with this, which I’ve written a few things about below 😊

First things first, cleanse.

So here we are, with Origins GinZing Refreshing scrub cleanser 150ml . I follow the instructions, doing as it says by leaving it on my skin for an extra minute when times when I must have been half asleep taking my makeup off the night before!? I love this step, it soothes and refreshes even very tired skin!

Toner time – Lancome’s Tonique Douceur.

I use Lancome’s Tonique Douceur (Lancome). Take a little bit onto a cotton pad (I like the flat circle kind), and gently move in circular or swiping motions across cleansed skin (be sure to be gentle and not to apply too much pressure). The idea is that it removes anything you left behind (which technically you shouldn’t have) and tightens your pores – Yay!

Serum – Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

I use this twice a day, though once a day is probably just as good. I have to say, this product alone made such a dramatic difference to my skin. It had been looking a little neglected and this helped give it an extra boost of moisture. I bought mine in a shop called Jarrolds, but places like boots online make it easy to order too.

Chanel Serum

Moisturise – Eucerin Anti Age Elasticity Filler Day Cream

This is one of the more ‘thicker’ moisturisers, but I have to say my results since using it have been great! I suffer quite a bit (especially when I’m stressed) from an oily/spotty forehead, but I have had none of that with this weirdly enough! I do sometimes have to mix up my moisturiser with a cycle of different ones, but this is one of my favourites 🙂


Finally, for the times when it’s necessary…  Cliniques Pep-Start

This help to hide those puffy eyes, by helping to  hydrate, brighten, de-‘puff’. I leave this to settle for a few minutes, before apply any make up if I decide to wear any! (Buy it from boots or Clinique.



So there we go! Feel free to message, comment, email with any feedback or questions! I love hearing from you!

Happy Friday



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