Review | Aveeno Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo

I don’t suffer from a chronically dry and itchy scalp, though it does play up when life’s perhaps a bit more stressful, I’m neglecting my veggies or I’m lower on my water intake than usual. I keep a sensitive shampoo to hand in times of need. I’ll admit I don’t use it every time I wash my hair but they certainly have their uses!

I had absolutely no idea Aveeno did a shampoo, so I’ve been more than a little keen to try it out! Fortunately – or rather grimly my scalp and hair had been suffering due to the unexpected British summer sunshine (It does exist I swear!!), and was in dire need of a mend!

The one I got my hands on was Aveeno Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo.

After my first use I definitely felt the difference, my scalp benefited from the gentler nature of the shampoo, and I found it wasn’t greasy once dried like I have experienced with other products.

This prduct is designed to take car of your scalp health, be it the cold, heat or when it’s just a little under the weather. Like your skin in these moments, your scalp needs a little extra care and attention.

Let’s talk Aveeno…

Aveeno is a brand that specialises in products for sensitive skin that rely on the properties of oats. The reason for the oats and their extracts boils down to their ability to protect and repair the all important skin barrier function. They work by moisturising, soothing, creating a protective film on the surface of the skin and returning it a normal pH level.

How I use it

I use this sensitive shampoo probably around twice a week, leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing, followed by my Matrix sleek conditioner.

My thoughts…

It makes my hair feel AMAZING, to the point where I have to tell myself off for constantly brushing it with my hands! For me personally, I couldn’t use this product every day as it did get a little too much for it.

It smells awesome, though the consistency of the shampoo felt a bit heavy which might put people a little off a bit. I wouldn’t let it though, as it’s absolutely fine!

Mine came from HelloSkin at ££8.49 for 300ml, so not the cheapest product in the world, but certainly not the most expensive. I’m no expect when it comes to how much products like this cost. However, based on common Shampoos on the market, it’s a little pricer, unless you catch it in a deal. I have to say tho, for me personally it’s worth it, as no one wants to be on date night with an itchy scalp!



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