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£8.49Firstly, let’s talk spots…

In school I never had an issue with spots/acne, but it seems to be trying to battle with me as I’m getting older. I only have to look at a bar of chocolate it seems, and BAM! Theres a nice looking area on my chin, or on my cheek. URGH!


Am I the only one?

Fortunately, not! According to skincare experts (and a little bit of google research – obviously!) , it appears so many more of us will experience flare ups later in life due to increased levels of stress and hormone disruptors like wine and sugar (BOO!), with acne emerging at “any age – and on any skin type,” as a result.

What should we keep a closer eye on?

  • Gut Inflammation
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Hygiene

Hollywood Skin Spot Treatment Anti Blemish Gel

How to use it..

Gently apply to clean and dry skin over the acne covered area before going to bed. Do not lubricate too close to the eyes and lips. Rinse off with luke warm water in the morning. Can be used as a spot treatment at anytime during the day, use until breakout has cleared. Do not exceed 2 applications per 24-hour period.

My thoughts

I’m trying to hide just how much I love this product, and I stumbled on it purely by chance!

I recently had an event to attend, and typically the night before a spot started appearing on my forehead… A little bit of this gel, and the next day you could barely tell anything had existed!


For me, it’s fairly neutral. It doesn’t over power, but I wouldn’t say it’s non existent either. Happy enough!


Mine came from HelloSkin at £24.99 for 60ml, so not the cheapest product in the world, but certainly not the most expensive. For me personally, I think it’s worth it. I have tried so many other products, that I use a handful of times and end up collecting dust in the back of the bathroom cabinet. This being whilst I convince myself I’d used them wrong, or it was my diet that didn’t help!


I highly recommend this product. Yes, it won’t fix everything – so keep up the healthy living! But it certainly might prevent your spots from giving you a bad day 🙂

Check out Hollywood Skin’s Over Night Magic Gel  on the image below… 🙂



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