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What we are passionate about Healthy eating is all about consistently making good food choices. It involves choosing foods high in nutrients while avoiding empty calories. We at Sogud are passionate about making products that have a high nutritional profile while…


The humble flapjack, a little underrated –  yet so delicious. There are so many different ways to enjoy a flapjack, add your own personal touches or even just appreciate the true classic buttery rectangles of yumminess. Today it’s SoGud’s Oaty & Almond squares.

I stumbled across ‘SoGud’ on Twitter, and after a little browse on their website, I HAD to try some! SoGud is a UK (Scotland) based company who pride themselves in ‘creating  find highly nutritious, wholesome on-the-go baked sweet snacks. ‘


My thoughts…

The flapjack was deliciously buttery with a little chewiness still with the oats & dates . The almond addition was bang on and very apparent, all the while remaining true to taste. It is  sweet even with the minimal amount of naughty’s in the ingredients list – Which can be never be a bad thing surely!? I admit, I totally didn’t expect the dates & chia seeds and was a little pessimistic in advance to enjoying them on my picnic in the sun. I’m a plain Jane oat flapjack kinda lady, but I must say I have welcomed the edition of the dates to this Flapjack.

I think these are definitely worth a try, I know the seeds may put some people off, but I honestly think they added to it and they didn’t taste Grainy like a lot of other products that try to include seeds into their ingredients.

On to the next flavour! 😀

Check their Website & Twitter pages for more info. 🙂



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