East Twenty Six Lunch Review


Firstly, sorry it’s taken me a little longer than expected to post this… CHRISTMAS! I always try to be as honest as possible with my reviews so please read this as my own opinion! This is also not a paid Review😊
East Twenty Six is a Restaurant/Bar  in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. They offer a modern take on traditional tapas dining.

Food Menu

I chose the lunch option. Opting for two dishes for £12. I did however double up, because I was feeling particularly hungry and of course so I could try a few different things.

The Review

Vibe: Bright, vibrant and totally chilled.

The Menu: Not the biggest in the world, but it doesn’t need to be.

The food: Presentation came out clean and simple. Very pretty, and attracting you to nothing but the food!

Main Dishes:

Charcoal roasted bavette steak, medium rare with chimichurri sauce

Steak was cooked perfectly, I prefer my steak more medium, than rare so I was a happy little lady. The chimichurri sauce was quite spicy, but along with the fresh ‘zingyness’ of it, it didn’t distract from the flavours or enjoyment.

Rose petal harissa cured salmon, saffron pickled courgettes, lemon dressing and chick pea fritter

This dish totally surprised me. I half expected it to be razor thin slices of salmon and not much else. I had to eat my words! It comes out looking beautiful. You get a generous helping of salmon, decorated with its compliments. The corn fritters (although I forgot what these were initially), are a nice addition. Really could fault this. Fresh, delicious and disappeared rather quickly!

Ginger and orange pheasant pastille, with pasnip purée

This and the salmon were my joint favourites! It was comfort in a plate! It is a little messy to eat, but the seasoning was bang on, the meat fell apart and the parsnip purée was a match made in yummy heaven!

Hickory smoked tuna, with chipotle butter

I am a massive fan of tuna, I do feel it sometimes gets a bad rep though. This dish was a little taste of summer and was packed full of flavour. I would of quite liked for it to come out more as sliced tuna steak, and just have a bit more time on it. In comparison to the other dishes ordered, I felt this was a little flat.




Churros, with chocolate sauce


Floor staff  were pleasent, assertive and made sure we were not left surrounded by plates for any length of time. My patience or lack of, can sometimes get the better of me, but there was no need here.

My thoughts…

Overall, the quality of food was awesome. I certainly wasn’t hungry when I was finished. I sat near the bar, so would like to go back and have more of a restaurant experience. That being said though, you’d almost forget that were you weren’t in the main seating area. Both the diners and drinkers, are able to relax, enjoy and have a good time in a very pleasant environment. Based on the food alone, I’d happily recommend this to anyone. If you ever find yourself in Norwich.. definitely check this place out! I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to checkout/try their cocktails!!

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