Rooftop Garden Preview Night

Thursday 13/10/2016, I was invited to join others for the Rooftop Garden Press/preview night in Norwich.

I am not sure whether  it was the fact I built up expectations prior to the event that led to me being so disappointed or not, but I was.

Having read some other reviews of the night, I am glad some people got to try the little food that was on offer, as I received nothing.

On arriving, I was made to feel very embarrassed, after having to say my name around 10 times and receiving  a blank expression as I said it. I have a slight accent/twang, though I would of expected staff working front of house to be a bit more with it to say the least.

I finally got to the top floor, to not be greeted, nor welcomed. I managed to get a drink from the bar, after having to push my way through the crowed walk way (I’d of like to of seen these folk encouraged to see the rest of the place!).

There was no menus, no handouts, nothing to tell you exactly what they were about, what kind of food they serve, or what atmosphere they hope to project. In fact, it was the violinist (who was stunning), that made the night any different from a ‘normal’ bar or evening. – This was prior to info being made available on their website I should add! 

To give credit, where credit is due… The place does look pretty special, and I certainly like the concept. It would of been nice to find out more about the food, what the menu is like and the Rooftop Garden journey.

Would I go for a meal out width this event?

I’ll be honest, I think the  place best suits a more corporate audience, due to the nature/feel and location. I’d like to go back in a different setting however, and hopefully be proven wrong.


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