Keep Your Lips Kissable This Autumn

It might be later than usual, but autumn and winter are definitely coming. The evenings are getting shorter, the sky is getting darker, and the leaves CRUNCHY. This means heaters, colds and chapped lips! EEEEEEEK!


Dry and chapped

This can usually mean you might be dehydrated, so instead of swiping on another layer of lip balm, grab a tall glass of water.

Staying hydrated, helps to bring out the princess pink like tones, and keeps them looking juicy! A little different to the dry, dark lips you’ll be sporting otherwise! I usually carry a 1L bottle with me, mainly to allow me to have a clear idea of what I have drank in a day. Glug, glug, glug!

*Hand up* – I am terrible for this! I think mine are only just starting to look half normal! BAH! I also nibble at the damaged bits of skin…. *goes to hide!*


If you were to google this, you’d probably end up being diagnosed with god knows what! And after about an hour of convincing yourself no, you’re arm isn’t going to fall off… You try again!

Realistically, the cause is something you’ve eaten, but if it doesn’t disappear it might be good to just have a little check over at the doctors. One more cause: smoking… So get ready to quit!


Make the most of that burning ball of fire in the sky. Chances are, you’re not getting enough sun! Just make sure you pick a lippy with spf!

I  found when I suffered with anemia, this told me I wasn’t getting any better. This meant I had to step it up a knox!


Sensitive lips comes from  allergic reactions, but having slightly inflamed or red lips could mean you’re allergic to something topical and non-threatening, such as toothpaste or lipstick (THE HORROR!)

If this happens, goodbye productus! 😦 *sobs!*

 Cold sores

Cold sores are the result of the herpes virus. People tend to feel a tingling sensation in the area before the cold sore surfaces. It’s at this point you should act! You can usually buy a good product over the counter. Ask your pharmacy for help.

Help keep those lips kissable!


Don’t over moisturise

Don’t over lick


Eat Healthy



For inspiration I found this lovely  Cosmopolitan piece on Autumn/Winter 2016 hair and makeup trends (That’s what I’ll be doing anyways!)


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