The Organic Pharmacy Lip Balm

(Excuse the state of my nails! *sobs* – A mixture of being too impatient for them to dry and it being too hot!)

I got these little samples came with the August ELLE magazine, (The Rose Facial Cleansing Gel , The Double Rose Rejuvenating Face CreamThe Antioxidant Lip Balm). I tried my hardest to not use it, and to keep it in the cupboard for my next holiday.

Alas, I was W E A K!

Thanks to the nifty design, it’s really easy apply on the lips. No one likes the annoying sticky finger you get from your lip balm pot, and the awkward moment of trying to find something to wipe it on! I found the smell to be fairly neutral, quite pleasant and not over powering.

There’s no avoiding chapped lips for me it seems…. I am really bad at putting on too much lippy, too frequently! I have to say, I find using this that the issue almost disappears. I will apply usually before work in the morning, and then maybe around lunch time. It makes my lips feel fuller, and much more moist. Miles away from the cracked, dehydrated look I am often sporting!

I guess like anything – It’s down to personal preference. I have sensitive/combination skin, and this is definitely doing the job for me, so on that basis I would definitely recommend it!


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