Clear Skin Peel Off Mask

Firstly, this isn’t a paid review or anything of the sort, I’m just putting things up as they come, and if I like them! 🙂 It’s also my first doing skin products, so be kind!

This was my first ever purchase from Avon, feel like I’m a little to the party admitting that a little!

As said in my previous skin post, I struggle with my skin, it’s as stubborn as I am really! It only cost me £4, so figured I had nothing to lose!

Buy it here

It says to put on the effected areas, and leave on over night to dry, but to be honest it drys pretty dam quickly anyways, so really it just makes you look super sexy for your partner before bed 😉




My thoughts!

I am a little bad at expecting things to change straight away, and try my hardest not to buy into things when perhaps they have done nothing at all! I have to say, (though not dramatic) I saw a difference in about a week. I had been suffering from blackheads on my nose, and this is helping to fight it!


I usually put it on my T Zone and chin, as they are my worst areas. It peels off really easily (which I had thought would be nightmare), and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I do my usual skin routine, but of course instead of night cream, I have been using this instead…  Will probably do it every other night though, just to mix it up.


I am eating healthier, and making sure I keep things clean etc. so I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle worker on it’s own. It definitely has it’s part to play in my daily routine though




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