What does your skin say about you?

I am the worlds worst for abusing my skin, I expect it to look fabulous regardless to what I eat, drink or put on it!

Here’s a little info on what might be causing you zit doom, and my own skin issues!

The Forehead

I am the world’s worst for scratching, picking, agitating…

E V E R Y T H I N G!

Spots here could be down to external factors, like products interfering with your skin.

Wear a fringe?

It could be that your hair spray or dry shampoo is sitting on your skin and clogging the pores, causing breakouts.

This is definitely what I discovered when having one, and sadly the reason I try to remind myself not to get one!

The T-zone

The bit between your brows is linked with your liver, which means that breakouts here could be a sign it’s working a little too hard. If you’ve had a few too many drinkie-poos, STOP! You’re not as clever as you think you are.. (only joking, of course we are!), but your skin is giving you away! DAM. No need to become a vampire, or go into hibernation, switch it up with mocktails or funky icecubes. I like to freeze strawberries and add them to fizze water with some elderflower cordial.

The Cheeks

I would never say I was an ‘alcoholic’, but I  definitely did like to enjoy a drink.. Or 2!

The impact this had on my body is a little insane. My cheeks, chin and neck went all red, open pores and blurrgh. I don’t think it was until I decided to go alcohol free that I really noticed the issues at large. Looking at the picture above (with no make up), just shows how bad it had got!

I decided to give it up, and save it as a treat (in the form of a small glass!). It wasn’t taken likely by my body though. I woke up sweaty, clammy and generally rank. I had headaches and felt rather groggy for the first couple of weeks. I have to say though, like any bad habit, getting rid of it was the best thing ever for me!!! Just had to fight through the wall.

Do you wash your brushes regularly? NOPE! Neither do I!

Unwashed brushes are the ideal camp for acne- eeewwwwww. This is because of the build up of bacteria.

To avoid breakouts, there’s no need to be obsessive, just make sure that your brushes, pillow cases etc. get washed regularly. – I wash my towels every 3 days, and bedsheets Once a week!

The Chin

I didn’t have much of an issue with this until the last year so, I was never particularly spotty in school, so think it’s caught up with me a little!

Spots around the jaw and chin have often been linked to hormone disruption, especially in adult women.


The Scalp

Breakouts beneath your hair are most often caused by bacteria or shampoo and hair styling products, rather than something going on internally.


Keep your hair clean, but don’t forget to thoroughly rinse out shampoo and conditioner when you wash it.

Do you have a favourite skin regime element you’d like to share?

Let me know you’re thoughts!

And apologies for my wonderful selfies throughout!

Keepin’ it real


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