My Food Planner for the week<3

I’m by no means a trained personnel, I listen to my body and try to find a level of balance. Some of you have gotten in touch asking…

What do I eat?

How do I manage to cook during the working week?


Truth is, I try to keep it simple, whilst trying to make good, tasty food that makes me feel awesome from the inside, out! Nutrients and vitamins are a definite bonus, but it helps if you’re enjoying yourself and it becomes less of a chore! I like to save my bigger cooking ventures to the weekend, where I like to go a little mad!

**Doing a menu ahead of time also helps LOADS with grocery shopping!!!

I will make best efforts to put up recipes ahead of time, if not on the day. Depending on how this one goes, it may become a regular thing!

Here is this weeks menu




Like most people, I have things about my body I don’t like, I love, love, love my food and drink, but this can definitely have a negative effect on my body. I will be putting a post up about the effect my *ahem* wine drinking has had on my skin, sleeping habits etc. Not good!

‘In moderation’ is certainly your friend 🙂 But we knew that already!

As always I welcome any feedback, ideas, questions, comments… You know the score!


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