Love you, and you’re skin will love you back💜

📷:Mint nails for the bank holiday 💛

Trying to make a real effort with myself lately. Feel happy in your skin and it will love you back… That’s the theory anyways!

I suffer pretty badly from stress acne/blackheads… My skin definitely reflects my mood! I don’t bother my  a***, and it certainly won’t bother to fight off the nasties either. Having suffered from anxiety/depression in the past, this is a battle I know only too well.

With the help of this blog to give me motivation, and a change of habits, I am certainly on a more positive path/journey. I listen to my body and what it needs. If it’s feeling groggy, I’ll be sure to hydrate, eating things like cucumber, ginger, melon etc. I paint my nails, put a bit of make up on. Just make myself feel good.

Who says you should only dress up when you go out?! 

I wish I was a little more artistic though..

Stone flower 🌺🙃 it’ll sell for millions just you see!? Haha!

🎧:disco fever: Funky town

Nails: Barry M quick dry 👌

Happy Weekend!



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