Turtle Bay Preview Night Food Review



Last night was their Norwich preview party, and although I am suffering this morning from sampling all their yummy cocktails, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I got the opportunity to try a varied selection of food and drink, allowing my ‘no alcohol’ rule to slip a little bit….

Admittedly, I can’t write this review as a TRUE diner, though that is to happen in the near future! I did fall in love with their rum cake and cocktail: Bahama Rama though!


The Review


Vibe: Bright, vibrant and totally reggae.

The Menu:  Has something for everyone. It even caters to the gluten-free folks out there.

They stay true to their identity, and that’s definitely reflected in their flavours of choice, which I was happy to see. All too often do we get disconnected in restaurants once we start looking at food.

The food:  Presentation was very good, very pretty. Quite ‘handsy’ style eating.

Starter plate: Beach Food Platter

A selection of nibbles:

Spicy jerk chicken wings

  • Messy, but aren’t they always?… And hot! To quote a certain fast food joint…‘Finger lickin’ good’

Pepper roti, sweet corn fritters

  • Fairly average for me personally, but well seasoned and the flavours definitely present.

Garlic ‘n’ herb flatbreads

  • ‘Meh’, I ate these last, which is why I was a little disappointed. NICE, just eat them at the start 😉



Jerk Chicken, with sour orange chutney & coconut shavings. Served with Slaw.

  • Quite Spicy, I definitely needed the slaw with this, but there was no denying that the flavours are there.

Curry Goat

‘Marinated goat cooked in curry spices, scotch bonnet, sweet potatoes, citrus juice & ginger. Served with sweet onion chutney & Caribbean dumplings’

  •  I had hoped this was called something a little discrete. PLEASE, don’t let the thought of goat put you off. I had previously tried goat elsewhere, and it had been chewy and very bony! This is the complete opposite! Meat just fell apart (yummmm), think of it like beef/lamb. It was beautiful.



Rum Cake

  • This was my absolute favourite, so light and moist. I could binge on it! Topped off with an end of evening coffee ❤


  • Pretty standard, how special can a brownie really be I guess?

Banana & Toffee Cheesecake

  • I unfortunately only got a tiny taster *sobs*, though if a normal was too big I can see this being a bit much for me. SUPER tasty though, don’t get me wrong!

Zesty Lemon & Lime Tart

  •   What it says on the tin  – ZESTY. A perfect way to end a lovely meal.


Espresso Martini: Chilled coffee, Tia Maria & vodka

Bahama Rama: Koko Kanu & banana liqueur with pineapple & grenadine

Buffalo soldier: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Barbados clove liqueur, apple juice & fresh mint


Overall, quality of food was awesome. I certainly wasn’t hungry when I was finished, and the chicken was delicious.


(📷: Thank you to these lovely pair for cooking up some tasty food, and for posing for my slightly poor attempt at taking a picture of the kitchen. They were too cute!).

Service: Floor staff spoke only good things about the brand. They enhanced the brands morals and enthusiasm to keep both it’s customers and employees happy. Despite my endless pestering of what things were etc. the staff were nothing but happy to help me, and give me a little more information/suggestions.

Bar staff, one in particular – who I do hope didn’t get in too much trouble after we chatted his ear off! They were all sound! I don’t know how they remember everything!

Would I go for a meal out width this event?

YES! Totally! Something very unique to Norwich city centre. I really did like the fact that it’s not all about the food. You can come in happily, have a drink, have some nibbles and enjoy some good music. Seems to be rare now. Only bad point… I didn’t get to have a boogie! 😦


More reviews to appear, apologies for being a little slack! I welcome any suggestions!

It’s the weekend!! Wahooooo!






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